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Living Learning English, UK

Company Living Learning English organized my course perfectly!

They provided me absolutely with everything: recommendation about clothes, transport, what to bring, gave me all modern and useful course materials.

Elaine’s and Patrick’s family was very lovely! I was so warmly welcomed, they did their best to make me feel at home. The food was delicious, although it wasn’t easy with me, because I’m a vegetarian.

Our lessons were organized properly, Elaine brought me different materials, for example, we watched videos, or read different newspapers and magazines. The teacher asked a lot of questions and organized many conversations, it was very supportive.  The teachers there aren’t just teaching you, they entertain you! For instance they’ve shown me really interesting TV-programs,  told me about events I might enjoy, invited me to a party with their friends (this was really amazing, I met a lot of very nice, friendly and interesting people!).

I’ve learned a lot, not just grammar but about speaking natural English. Before I came there I was shy speaking English, but now I’m confident, I’m not afraid to speak and make mistakes. 

I’d recommend Living Learning English to everybody!

Дина, Москва

Школа: Living Learning English, UK
Курс: Обучение в семье преподавателя, Оксфорд

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